Testimonials for Stradsaw Musical Saws


By Dr. "Robert the Sawman" Maddox

" WOW!  THE STRADSAW IS A WINNER!  There are several qualities that distinguish it from other saws. First, it has the most fantastic playing action.  It makes playing so effortless. Just gentle stroking with the bow gets the most beautiful tone.  Second, it easily covers four octaves.  Third, I have not found a saw until now that so easily gets crystal clear high register notes. Lastly, it is an outstandingly beautiful instrument.  Both your design and craftsmanship are superb.  Add to all of these qualities the beautiful case which you made for the saw.  I consider myself very fortunate to be the owner of the first Stradsaw. Thanks a million.

Best regards,

Robert Maddox"

BOB LATER WROTE: " Jon, there is no question about it.  I am definitely keeping the saw.  I love it.  One question: I know that the polishing compound will last a long time. However, whenever I need more, is that a proprietary mix that I would purchase from you or is it available in retail stores? 

     Thanks again, Jon, for such a beautiful instrument.


" Fun time today.  I got to put in some practice time on the saws.  They are really very different, but both are top notch and definitely keepers.  Stradsaw #3 is the saw I’ll use when playing outside.  The sound carries extremely well and it is good for busking or in large rooms with no amps. (On May 20th, I’ll be playing in a very large church and this is the saw I’’ll be using.  I’ll also be using it this Thursday playing at an outdoors circus-themed anniversary celebration.)  Stradsaw #4 (nickel silver) is much more mellow 
and will be good for most indoor situations.  (Last year I lost one job because my saw was too loud and the sound carried over into other meeting rooms in the building.  Stradsaw #4 would have been perfect in that situation.)  And, this saw is such a joy to play.  It might be because of the shorter length, but it so easy to peg each note dead center.

Jon, you’ve done it again.  Really great saws.  



AND FINALLY, BOB WROTE:  " Jon, please feel free to give my contact information to anyone who would like my opinion of your saws.  I will have four of your saws: two carbon steel, one nickel silver, and one bronze, three different metals, each with its own unique qualities and characteristics, but all top quality.  And they are all a real joy to play.

Take care,

Bob Maddox


By Rowena "Ro" Southard

NOTE: Rowena wrote "A Visit mto Songwood Instruments (https://sawnotes.com/a-visit-to-songwood-instruments/). which I have also posted on my website (see "A Visit to Songwood"  page).

" Jon! The saw just arrived and it’s beautiful. It sounds just great. I have to go out, but I can’t wait to play it at length tonight. It’s just so lovely. Thank you.   I put a check in the mail yesterday afternoon so you should receive it soon. I am also still working on a blog post about our visit. I just haven’t had time to finish because of work. Now I can add some things about my new bronze saw"

SHE LATER WROTE:  " I love my new Stradsaw. It is different than my other saw, and it’s easier  now that I’m getting used to it. The saw sounds beautiful. "


By Terry Lee

NOTE: Terry ordered a special saw, custom-tailored to his short stature and limited arm reach: he needed as short of a saw as possible.  I enjoy the challenge of accommodating every customer - I can and will make you a saw that will meet your needs and be the musical saw of your dreams!

" I love the low notes I can pull so far... I plan to train with it today and hope to nail down the feel of it and get a good demo tune. I do want to try a heavier blade but I am gonna try to tame this one today.  It is pretty.   Beautiful work.."

HE LATER WROTE: " I am getting better,this is a nice piece of steel. Frikken low when you touch him nice ."

AND: " I had a pretty good session with this one. Mostly working scales. Thanks for your effort and attention. Very cool !"

ALSO: "  The Black dark sounding blade is phenomenal!   I am getting the hang of the thin one too, can play fast enough for melodies like penny lane and saint Anne's reel. Although I slow the latter down a bit from the traditional breakneck speed. 

FINALLY: " You do good work, referrals will happen .  So excited!"


From Tim Martin

NOTE: Tim ended up with two saws, in his choice of flamed box elder.  He is a master-level saw player down in Florida, where he plays and teaches the musical saw.  He also travels all over, performing at events and with groups of musicians who play many other kinds of musical instruments. Tim loves his Stradsaws - so much so, that he has now become my representative on the East Coast!  Here is some of what Tim has to say:

 "I have been playing a musical saw for over 6 years now and have gone from a handsaw to a " Mussehl and Westphal" , to a modified Sandvik Stradavarios for the past 3 years . I was looking for a saw that had just a few notes higher and few notes lower.  I tried quite a few , even some French styles, but , they were not what I was looking for ....so I tried Eric's new  "STRADSAW" - It was everything I was looking for , and so much more ! So Many lower notes , So Many higher notes ., and such a clean sound !

I have been playing my new STRADSAWS ( I have 2..so far!) for the past 3 months or so now and it is just amazing what it can do ! This saw handles my " agressiveness", when playing fast Irish tunes, yet is so sweet when playing waltzes and classical music .

Eric's wonderfully crafted saws are adored by all  who see and hear them played .  The Stradsaw is the perfect saw for a novice just getting started  and also for the professional .  I will play these saws forever ! 

Its Breath makes so many smiles..." 

 "Oh how this blade sings!"

AND:  " Good morning Eric ! Going to play your blade at the Barberville festival today , then a wake , then a contradance sunday  ! A lot of people will hear and see your craftsmanship ! I'm a little sad , but my Sandvik Stradivarius  is now for students to learn on    That's because I have to play only the BEST!"

ALSO:   "Over 80 people got to see your beautiful saw in action today and it will probably be featured  in the next newspaper - I will look for it ,and if they have a shot , I will get you a copy ! 

Going to a farm festival / music fest in the next few weeks and so many of my musician friends ( Very well known ) from all over the state will be there . Lots of people are going to see and hear  " tu es bell" 

AND:   "You definitely changed the boundaries now that I have ALL that extra room on the lows and all the sweet generous helpings of so many many higher notes as well !Is this HEAVEN , or what !?!!!!"

AND:  " There is no saw out there that can do what I'm doing with your musical saws - WOW-

I am on a plateau of such joy ... you are incredible with your saw making skills "

ALSO:  " Just finished a brutal practice session with Stradsaw #13, for a couple hours . My last song (nocturne in C sharp minor) actually made the hair stand on edge on my arms and the song gave me such a musical kind of rush !??!  NIRVANA , for sure !"

AND FINALLY:  "Hi Eric !  Congratulations with Lark in the Morning! But, your saws really should sell for 5-6 hundred dollars a piece . For the sound and its quality. Nothing compares ..."