About Stradsaws


What is a Stradsaw?


The Musical Saw Shop makes and sells some very unique instruments,  including the Stradsaw - an advanced design of musical saw - it's a "super" saw, really!  It is a new innovation among musical instruments and in the musical saws world, with a number of important improvements:

EXTENDED PLAYING RANGE - 4 octaves minimum, and up to 5 octaves on the "Easy Play" blades

FEELS COMFORTABLE TO HOLD AND PLAY - unlike handsaws and cheaper mass-produced musical saws, the Stradsaws have a base handle that is engineered to feel very comfortable to hold!  No sharp corners or tiny dimensions!  Just nice, rounded edges and contours!

AFFORDABLE PRICES - Stradsaws cost only half as much as minimally comparable, high-end  "lame sonore" and "music blade" instruments that are sold in countries like Europe.  Yet the quality is actually better, with a huge selection of gorgeous hardwoods, individually hand-crafted blades and deluxe features like deep engraving and genuine oil varnish.  Each Stradsaw takes a month or more to build - yet the cost covers mostly just the materials - I charge very little for my labor!


  • BLADES COME IN A CHOICE OF SEVERAL SIZES - from the compact 27"  up to the big 34" Grand blade - and are made from the very best carbon spring steel.  
  • Several  thicknesses are available, including  0.030", 0.032", 0.035" and 0.042".     



  • EVERY STRADSAW IS A BEAUTIFUL SOUND SCULPTURE - a synthesis of beauty and practical function...  Like original Stradivarius violins, these saws are individually hand-built, to be as lovely in appearance as they are in sound!  The wooden base (corresponding to the handle of a hand saw) is made from solid, beautifully figured hardwood. The wood is deeply varnished just like a fine violin.  You can select exactly the wood you want - I offer nearly a dozen choices of richly figured hardwoods - all for the same price!


  • A MATCHING TIP HANDLE/CHEAT IS INCLUDED WITH EVERY  STRADSAW.  "Stradderhorn" cheats come in different designs, including simple straight or curved, and French-style or my own unique Ergonomic design!  The straight designs are lathe-turned, and no two are the same!  The curved designs are available in different offsets - a 2' offset means that the playing hand is brought 2' closer to the body - and 2' away from the blade tip. People with very limited reach can order a 3" offset cheat!  And lovers of French-style cheats can buy one here!


  • MANY GREAT OPTIONS - Available  to add to your Stradsaw, if you are not buying a whole outfit package. You can purchase items individually - such as a soft  case, to protect your beautiful saw.  You can order a bow, and I will supply you with the best bow for your particular saw.  You can also add rosin and special wax polish.