Placing Orders

All Stradsaws, musical saw cheats, Stradbows and other custom items are built on demand - I do not normally stock any of these items, because all of my work is sold even before it's finished!

You can conveniently purchase any item in my store, by making your selections and pushing the Buy button - you will be able to complete your purchase in exactly the same way as you make any other online purchase.  However, there is a wait time after that, as I actually build your item or items.

Build Times

I am just one lone craftsman, working part-time out of my home workshop.  There is no team and no assembly line - just myself and my limited resources.  I do very high-end wood and metal work: everything is built to perfection.  This takes time - there is no way to rush the build and finishing process.  Here are some estimates on build times:

STRADSAW MUSICAL SAWS:  Please allow at least four weeks from start to finish.  This build time can be greater during the holiday season and whenever I get hit with a lot of orders all at once.  I will always give you an estimate of build time whenever an order is placed...if you have already made your purchase, you will have the option of a refund, if the build time is longer than you are willing to wait!

MUSICAL SAW CHEATS: Normally, please allow two weeks.  During holidays and when I get many orders all at once, the built time can increase - I always give a time estimate whenever a new order is placed.

STRADBOWS: Please allow two to three weeks.  Time can be greater during holidays and whenever there are back orders - I'll estimate the time when any new order is placed.

Immediate Purchases

There are many items available immediately!  These include any "Finished" Stradsaws, cheats or Stradbows.  Finished items are listed as "Finished" in the Featured Items section of the home page, and in the "Finished" items section of the Musical Saw Store.  Finished instruments are not always available - or I haven't listed them yet.  Contact me to find out if I have something that might happen to be available.

From time to time I will also have a gently used Stradsaw up for sale.  This is the best way to get a wonderful instrument at a discount!  Be sure to check in frequently to see if I have any used Stradsaws available...also feel free to contact me - sometimes I have an instrument that is being repaired or upgraded, but not yet listed on my website.

Other immediate purchase items include accessories like cases, regular instrument bows, rosin, etc.

Immediate purchase items are shipped out within 24 hours of your purchase, normally.  I will let you know whenever there is a slight delay due to unforeseen circumstances.  


I normally ship using USPS 2 or 3-Day Priority Mail.  If you aren't in a hurry, slightly less expensive First-Class shipping may be available, with 5-day or greater delivery times.  I can also do Expedited/Express shipping, but you will have to pay the extra cost!  Please let me know if you want either economy or Express shipping - I can adjust your cost accordingly.  The default shipping is Priority 2 or 3-Day shipping...

Refunds and Returns

I cheerfully accept returns and give full refunds on undamaged merchandise - no questions asked!  Please be sure to contact me BEFORE you make a return or want a refund.  I cannot refund damaged items - please be careful.  If possible, save the original packaging that came with your order - use the packaging material to ship back your merchandise!


Accidents happen!  Merchandise can get damaged in shipping, or through unforeseen causes on your end!  Shipping damages are normally covered through shipping insurance:  I insure each item for its full value when I ship it to the client.  If damage occurs in shipping, it is the client's responsibility to file a damages claim with the shipping company.  I am not responsible for shipping damages - I pack each item very well and I never ship out anything that's damaged on my end!

If merchandise is damaged on your end but not because of shipping, I can make repairs for you.  The repair work will be charged by the hour, and you are responsible for all shipping charges and materials.