hardwoods for musical saws

All of these hardwoods are available for your Stradsaw musical saw and saw cheats/tip handles!

Please refer to this page when you are placing an order! If you desire a wood that isn't listed here, please let me know - I can probably obtain it for you, at little or no extra cost!

Black Walnut


Basically dark brown, but can contain streaks of creamy white to nearly black.  Richly patterned, with knots, fiddlebacks and swirls.  A lighter-weight hardwood - makes for an easy to handle musical saw!

Tiger/Curly Maple


Pale golden to rich honey color, unless stained light brown.  Contains tight, even curls that shift and glow in different angles of lighting!  The classic violin wood! Medium weight and clear of  defects.



Very lightweight - makes for a very easy to handle saw!  Cherry is an all-time favorite hardwood, favored by furniture-makers and craftsman because it is quite easy to work!  Color is a soft, pale orange.  Can contain very pleasing waves that shift nicely in the light!

Red-Flamed Box Elder


A rare natural wonder!  Ordinary box elder is basically creamy white - unless the tree gets hit with an infestation of borers!  The damage results in a fungus invasion - and the tree responds by flooding its tissues with a red-colored poison!  But don't worry!  The wood is non-toxic to people!  Usually contains pin holes and galleries from the borers - which makes it a real conversation-piece!  Feather-light - makes the lightest possible musical saw!  In short supply, though!



Another wonder of nature!  Contains a true purple dye!  Clear, fairly straight-grained, with alternating  but subtle dark and light streaks.  Very heavy and dense - makes for a very substantial, solid-feeling musical saw!  If you don't mind the extra weight, this wood makes for a real showpiece!

Sapele Mahogany


Light to medium-weight.  Honey-colored, with glowing golden banding!  A favorite hardwood that results in a very lovely musical saw or saw cheat!

Pommele Mahogany


Similar to Sapele mahogany - but the wood has a tight, quilted pattern that shifts and shimmers in the light!  Basically amber-colored with golden highlights.  Fairly lightweight - a perfect musical saw wood.  Always in short supply!


Deep red color, with alternating darker bands.  Very stunning!  Fairly heavy - makes for a solid-fee

Deep red color, with alternating darker bands.  Very stunning!  Fairly heavy - makes for a solid-feeling saw or cheat!  In good supply!



Overall, the color is similar to black walnut, but the patterns are quite distinctive - "swirly" in fact!  This is one of the showiest hardwoods!  Medium weight - makes a solid-feeling, durable musical saw. Good supply!



This is a very distinctive hardwood, with bold, alternating stripes of cream and light-to-dark brown.  Heavy weight and quite durable!



This wood has a distinct, deep yellow color that is quite unique among hardwoods.  The grain pattern is tight and even, with alternating, slightly wavy  stripes.  Heavy and hard - quite durable!



Always in very short supply, and hard to locate!  Spectacular swirling patterns of cream and honey color.  Very distinctive, olive scent!  Very waxy and hard - extremely durable!  But, VERY heavy!  The heaviest hardwood I have used!  Not always available - may need to be special-ordered.