About the Musical Saw Shop


 The Musical Saw Shop is dedicated to the crafting of concert-quality musical saws. Located in the Sierra foothills of Northern California,  the Musical Saw Shop is owned and operated by Jon Johnson, an inventor and fine artist.  

The vision and goal of the Saw Shop is to design and build some of the best musical musical saws in the world - one saw at a time.  Each and every unique musical  instrument is an original work of art: an equal fusion of art and science, beauty and function.  No effort is spared to make each instrument the very best that it can  be.  Only the finest materials are used - regardless of the cost.  These are not cheap, mass-produced instruments.  They are meticulously hand-crafted works of art for professionals and serious hobbyists.

​I SPECIALIZE IN:   • Hand-made musical saws   • Exotic hardwoods with precious stone inlays   • Pre-made and custom-built instruments  • Custom cases in hardwood or leather


All instruments are unconditionally guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction, or your money back! 

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