About Me and My Musical Saws


 I decided to start the Musical Saw Shop in late 2015 after an automobile crash forced me to give up a great musical career spanning 27 years.  No longer able to commute to work or put in long days away from home, I needed a way to generate an income  while fulfilling my lifelong ambition of building musical instruments as a real livelihood. A dream come true!  Now I hope to do my best work as I create these wonderful instruments: these "children" of my soul!  

Yours in Music,     Jon Johnson 


What I Can Do For You

You are reading this because you want something different -  a very special, one-of-a-kind musical instrument that you simply can't find among other musical saws!  You are after something that is  a feast for both the ear and the eye! And you know that there is absolutely no reason why fine musical instruments can't also be lovely works of art!

You also like the idea of being a partner in the creation of your dream instrument...and when you contact me, that is exactly what can happen!  And it doesn't cost a fortune - you may be very pleasantly surprised to discover that all of this is quite affordable!


Let's Get Started!

Interested in Stradsaws?  Contact me - we'll discuss your needs and I'll see what I can do for you!