Home of the Stradsaw - the Ultimate Musical Saw!

Home of the Stradsaw - the Ultimate Musical Saw!

Home of the Stradsaw - the Ultimate Musical Saw!Home of the Stradsaw - the Ultimate Musical Saw!Home of the Stradsaw - the Ultimate Musical Saw!

Want a better musical saw?  Step up to the ultimate instrument!

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A Stradsaw is MADE for music-making!

It's not some cheap "less than a hundred bucks" handsaw (the kind that you find on places like Ebay)...Rather, it's a very precisely engineered musical instrument, with a specially made blade that has at least four usable octaves, and a wide selection of very comfortable hardwood handles that make the Stradsaw a real pleasure to hold and play!  And for only half of the prices that are being charged in places like Europe for high-end "lame sonore" and "music blade" musical saws, you can have something just as nice - maybe even better - made right in the USA!  


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Meet "Callista" - An Optimized Sandvik Stradivarius!

This is the perfect choice for anyone wanting a traditional musical saw with a greatly expanded note range and a custom, artistic treatment of the wood and steel.

This saw has been improved through a number of  upgrades:

  • The blade taper has been corrected by removing the teeth and excess steel on the toothed side - now it can be bowed on either edge, and the tip is narrow enough to allow for a four-octave note range minus one note.  This represents nearly a doubling of range!  Sandviks are made with very wide tips and insufficient taper...if the taper is corrected, they can be transformed into very fine, concert instruments.
  • Insulation has been added to isolate the blade from the wooden handle - this allows all of the low notes top be fully playable without vibration interference from the handle.
  • The blade has been thoroughly resurfaced through 13 grits of abrasives - until it is finely burnished at 900 grits.  It is artistically engraved on the right side with the Stradsaw marks.
  • The old wooden handle was originally painted with cheap, heavy lacquer,  Under that lacquer the wood was very rough and plain-looking.  I finely sanded and polished the wood, applied some light stain, added lots of hand-engraving, and finished with several coats of genuine oil varnish.  I also resurfaced the original brass binder screws.
  • This saw comes with a custom-made Strad-Cheat, in matching tiger maple.  The blade has a new tip hole to allow for a perfect fit of the cheat.
  • For a small additional fee, I will include a size-matched zippered case.  I can also add a bow, rosin and cleaning wax compound

Price: $225.00

SOLD!!! Sorry!  Please contact me if you would like an optimized handsaw - or stay posted for the next one that I list!

new in 2020!!!


Optimized Musical Handsaws

I am now upgrading and optimizing regular musical saws!  I am able to greatly improve both the appearance and the playing qualities of any existing handsaws - transforming them into wonderful performance instruments and works of art.  As I complete each "Optimization," I will add it to the "Optimized Handsaws" page of this website, and it will appear in the "Featured Products" section of this landing page.

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