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The Stradsaw is a unique musical saw - a "super" saw, really!  It is a new innovation among musical instruments and in the musical saws world, with a number of important improvements! Check out my online music store!

Every Stradsaw has between 4 and 5 full octaves of range.  My steel blades have between 49 and 61 notes - surely a world record among musical saws!

Each Stradsaw is an exquisite work of art - a true sculpture!  Like original Stradivarius violins, these saws are individually hand-built, to be as lovely in appearance as they are in sound!  The wooden base (corresponding to the handle of a hand saw) is made from solid, beautifully figured hardwood.  There are lots of custom options, including  carved lettering and inlay.  The wood is deeply varnished just like a fine violin.  Choices of wood include nearly a dozen different types of beautiful hardwoods.

There are many sizes of blades to pick from, and some of these come in  two different thicknesses.  Only the highest grade of carbon spring steel is used. 

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